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Asphalt Services in Alberta ?


Go Asphalt Ltd is one of Edmonton's leading asphalt paving and maintenance contractor. Locally owned and operated, we serve Edmonton and the surrounding communities, though out Central Alberta. We specialize in asphalt paving solutions, pavement construction and maintenance services so that our communities can use and rely on a durable and safe driving surface.

>Asphalt Services in Alberta


When it comes to asphalt paving companies in Alberta, Go Asphalt strives to stand out by providing quick, efficient and affordable services that will last for years to come.

From pavement repairs to complete resurfacing, we do it all. Consistently using high-quality materials, premium hot-mix asphalt and gravel products, our goal is to provide our clients with a reliable asphalt paving company within Alberta.

Whether your upcoming project is of a commercial, industrial, municipal or residential nature, we have you covered.

Park & Paving Contractor in Edmonton

If you're in the market for a new blacktop pavement to enhance your property, such as a driveway or a parking lot for your business, we're your asphalt specialist in Alberta.

Or, maybe you already have a gravel area, or an old concrete parking lot you need freshened up? We'll evaluate the area you want to pave and provide recommendations in line with the end result you're looking for.

Have you considered adding an extra parking area to your professional office? Let us know exactly what you need, and we'll give you a free quotation and estimation to get your project rolling.

Laying down a pavement designed specifically for heavy machinery and equipment, or for high-volume traffic is also possible. We have the expertise required and have worked with industrial businesses, builders, and general contractors.

We have experience on all types of projects ranging from shopping centres and municipal projects, to residential driveways and industrial sites; we'd love to show you why we're the Alberta specialists in asphalt paving you should turn to.