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Park & Paving Contractor in Edmonton ?


Go Asphalt Ltd is one of Edmonton’s leading asphalt paving and maintenance contractor. Locally owned and operated, we serve Edmonton and the surrounding communities, though out Central Alberta. We specialize in asphalt paving solutions, pavement construction and maintenance services so that our communities can use and rely on a durable and safe driving surface.

Park & Paving Contractor in Edmonton


Whether you’re building a new home that requires paving a new driveway, simply redoing one you’ve had for years, or adding a parking lot to your business, asphalt is the way to go. Why? Here are the advantages of choosing asphalt over concrete, from one of the leading paving & parking lot maintenance contractor in Edmonton. !

You’ll get the job done faster. Paving your driveway with asphalt can take a couple days, while concrete can take much longer, and also requires time to set. Concrete can take up to a week, while asphalt can be done in just a few days time. !

It’ll last longer. Whereas concrete is more prone to surface flaking for various reasons, asphalt is more flexible. This entails that your driveway won’t be as likely to crack from sloppy installation, or products applied to melt ice and snow. !

It’s safer. Paving with asphalt means choosing to have a black driveway, which attracts and retains more heat from the sun than a lighter colour. Therefore, snow tends to melt faster in winter, making your driveway that much safer for you and your family. Since Edmonton winters tend to bring a lot of snow, this is an advantage really worth considering! !

It’s easy to maintain. If you do ever notice a bit of cracking, repairs can be easily accomplished by a paving contractor within a day and at a low cost. !

It’s less expensive. Not only is paving with asphalt faster and more durable than with concrete, it also costs less. A win-win situation! !

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